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Maycee's Hunting Trip • 2013


Meet Maycee

Maycee Bryant was the 2013 dream hunter. Maycee was 14 during the time of the hunt and is from Clover, South Carolina.

She has a rare form of cancer known as Wilms tumor or nephroblastoma, a rare illness especially in children.

She was very focused and dedicated to pushing herself to her physical limits. Her dedication paid off with a very close shot in very steep, dark north Oregon coast timberlands, to harvest a trophy mature Roosevelt bull elk any hunter would be proud of.


Welcome Maycee and family
Welcome Maycee

Maycce scouting for elk

Maycee with elk
Maycee and dad with elk
Getting elk loaded
Off with the elk
Maycee and dad with elk
Maycee with elk head
Maycee with elk rack
Father and Daughter with elk
Father and daughter

Maycees cake

Maycee with donated art work

Maycee with hunting shirt

Maycee with sunglasses

Eating dinner

Maycee with quilt and elk

Maycee with quilt and elk rack

Full size quilt

A place to relax
Site seeing at Cannon Beach
Maycce and light house

Maycee and dad

Maycee at the beach

Maycee at the beach