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Mission Statement

Northwest Dream Hunts is a nonprofit organization, created for the sole purpose of fulfilling hunting and fishing dreams in the Pacific Northwest for children ages 12 to 21 that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Northwest Dream Hunts is a group of volunteers, assembled to host a once in a lifetime, traditional outdoor camping, hunting and fishing experience in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for children with terminal or life-threatening illness. We partner with The Outdoor Dream Foundation to connect with a child and their families, and to obtain a special Governor's elk tag from the Oregon State Department of Fish and Wildlife. Greenwood Resources graciously allows us access to their vast, coastal forestland, providing for an enhanced, unparalleled hunting experience.

Northwest Dream Hunts relies exclusively on charitable donations to make this annual hunt possible.

Our Team • Board of Directors

President Darrell Holthusen


Darrell Holthusen

>Vice-President Josh Corder


Josh Corder

Secretary Jodie Holthusen


Jodie Holthusen

Clyde Stanley Donations and scout

Donations & Scout

Clyde Stanley

Phil and Laura MagwoodDonations and Host camp

Donations & Camp Hosts

Phil & Laura Magwood

Kent Kasten Donations and Camp Host

Donations & Camp Host

Kent Kasten

Brian Moyer Donations


Brian Moyer

Jim Hunt Donations


Jim Hunt

Byren Thompson Donations and Scout

Donations & Scout

Byren Thompson

Doug Ray Donations and Scout

Donations & Scout

Doug Ray